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Asset Management

At iPravara, we expertise in Asset Management and its governance system by using a meticulous methodology that gives accurate results to the IT assets of the business entity through usage of the best asset management system.

We practice systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles for both tangible and intangible asset. We highly consider the process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner including all costs, risks and performance attributes.


The inventory and asset management are defined through physical approach and using the most efficient and advanced technology in tracking the movement of the asset. The Inventory and Asset Tracking are categorized under the Physical and Tracking System Methods, where every minute detail and process of the asset data is captured through various levels and stored electronically through data retention process.

We provide a comprehensive and systematic Asset Management & Tracking Systems of all the assets through the best application customized for your requirement.